Bali people

Bali people

    People of Bali are warm and friendly, they will make everything to you to make you feel comfortable in their country. There are over 3,000,000 people who live on Bali, the south coastal areas are the most populous. They love children very much, in lot of restaurant you will find lot of games, coloring sheets, crayons for the kids. It is very rare to hear someone to shout at the kids.


The primary way of living in Balinese way of life was farming, fishing, trading and craftsmanship, but in the past few  decades  growing of tourism change the way of life. Bali has some of the greatest rice farmers in the world.  Their villages are uniquely set up, and family is for them very important.

The most of people in Bali follow Balinese-Hinduism, they organize their whole life around the practise of their religion. They celebrate about 60 religios holidays in the year. Everything is revolve about the gods Braha, Shiva and Vishnu, also about spirits, ghosts, magic and demons. They believe in reincarnation, also  they believe that every time someone dies his spirit  is one step closer to nirvana.


On the first new moon after mid-March they celebrate The Lunar New Year, according the Balinese saka calendar. They enjoy the New Year parades and then they go back in their home and from sunrise in the next 24 hours is the day of Niepi or ‘Day of Silence’. This is the day of complete inactivity, all human activity stops, everything is closed , all restaurants, shops, bars, and no-one is allowed to leave their home or hotel. If you just in that time on Bali you should stay in your hotel and take that day for rest. They believe that when the evil spirits descend they will find no one, and decide that Bali is uninhabited and leave the island alone for the next year.

The Balinese people are famous for their brigtht and richly cultural ceremonies, they are always filed with joy, lot of food and prayer to their gods.


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