Antalya - Tukish Riviera

Antalya - Tukish Riviera

The city of Antalya is situated by the Gulf of Antalya, it is the largest Turkish city on the Western Mediterranean coast. Today, it is the Turkish capital of international tourism. Antalya is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and rainy and fairly warm winters. The legend has it , early in the 1st century BC, king Attalos II, upon discovering this land, told that ‘’this must be Heaven’’.


The ancient city of Antalya was protected by two walls, one was running along the shoreline, and the other inlan, they has a shape of horseshoe. Some of remains of these walls can still be seen today, the streets and buildings bear the marks of history. . At Antalya’s core is the wonderfully preserved old city district of Khalessi. In the old town streets are narrow and slope upwards from the harbour. The main square-Kale Kapisi has a fortress gate and The Clock Tower. Very interesting is the mosque with the truncated minaret. The old town is perfectly restored, whitewashed, the cobblestone streets are now home for souvenir shops, restaurants, art galleries and boutique hotels.


Antalya’s old harbour is nestled into a recess in the cliff. It is a picturesque huddle of pretty cafes, boutiques and bazaars. The yaht harbour, with its yachts over a shimmering Mediteranean, offer awe-inspiring views both day and night. You can find there lot of local and foreign painter, writer and poet.


On Antalya’s defansive walls were several gates that could be closed in case of attack of pirates or invaders. The only one surviving and the grandest of these is Hadrian’s gate. It is monumental triple-arched portal with decorative marble colums on both side on Ataturk Caddesi. It was constructed to commemorate Emeror Hadrian in 130 AD. The deep grooves in the stone pavement beneath the central arch tell us a story about the thousands of carts who were passing in and out the city.

hadrians gate.jpg

Analya is also known as Turkish riviera. The sparkling clear sea, under the pine-clad Taurus make it great for your vacation. There are lot of luxury hotels, they offers an extreme good value for money and high standards of service and accomodation, also there is an exhaustive range of leisure activities.

hotel lara topkapi.jpg
WOW Topkapi Palace Hotel

The Konyaalti beach on the western edge of Antalya below of the Taurus mountain range is a gravel sand beach. The sea deepens suddenly but it is calm. You can find lot of public beach facilities and the biggest of them is Beach Park. In Beach Park you can enjoy in ones of Antalya’s wet and wild parks or go to the Dolphin Land.

hoel beach  the royal wings.jpg
The Royal Wing Hotel

The Lara beach is matchless a slices of paradise with transparent turquoise water. It stretches out about 11 kilometres on the south-east of Analya. This beach is shallow and has fine golden sand. The Lara beach is known as Turkey’s Las Vegas, because you’ve got a strip lined with hotels modelled on world famous landmarks, and lot of casinos.  

titanic hotel lara.jpg
Titanic Beach & Resort Hotel

Delphin Palace Hotel

 In Antalya’s region are more than 20 waterfalls. The Duden Waterfalls are the most beautifull. They are located in Antalya near the Lara beach. The waters of the Duden River surging down 30 meters high above the ground in a foamy embrance with a Mediterraneaen waters.

duden waterfalls.jpg

The Magnavat waterfalls are located along the Magnavat River 3 km from the village of Magnavat. The falls are low, but wide and the current is very powerful, and make an impressive sound as the water crashed over the rocks. The streams are full of trout. Near the falls you can relax in one of the shady gardens, restaurants, cafeteria, also there are souvenir shops.


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