Novi Sad home of EXIT

Novi Sad home of EXIT

    The City of Novi Sad is located on river Danube, near the mountain Fruska Gora. It was never the capital of some country, but it was the centre of Serbian culture in Austro-Hungarian Empire.The gathering place for cultural and political events is The Liberty Square, in the centre of the square is a monument to Svetozar Miletic, he was the political leaders of Serbs in Vojvodina. The City Hall is exact copy of city hall in Graz. Styles which can be seen in the architecture of the old heart of city is mixture of several different styles, telling us a fascinate story about history of city.

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Fruska Gora with its national park represents one of the tourist destination. On Fruska Gora are 17 culturally and historically significant monasteries, they are founded in 15th century as pious endowments of Serbian despots. There are forested areas, rare plant and wildlife. 17 lakes are situated on this mountain. For hikers, there are about 800 km marked paths complete with mountaineers homes and a hotel.

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Monaster Grgeteg

One of the distinguishing features from aspect of tourism of Novi Sad is the Danube. On the bank of the river is famous ‘’corso’’ the ‘’Belgrade Quay’’ , there are numerous beaches, the most beautiful and well maintained is ‘’Strand’’.

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There are the Petrovaradin Fortress built in 17th century, it represents a cultural-historical monument. Within the fortress is located The Museum of the City of Novi Sad, The Academy of Arts, the Observatory and also it is a place where traditionaly in month Jully the EXIT Music Festival take place. One of the landmarks of Petrovaradin fortress is the ‘’Reversed clock’’, on the tower is clock which big hand shows hours and the small hand shows minutes. It was created like this to help fisherman on Danube to see the time from long distance.

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Attention of tourists will attract, the keepers of time and a traditional way of life, the ‘’Salashi’’. Their authentic appearance remind us of past, rural hamlets of Panonija and romantic times.  


EXIT Music Festval began back in 2000 and it is grown into multi-award music event. In 2014 at the EU Festival Awards it was officialy crowned as the Best Major European Festival. It is annual summer music festival and usually lasts four days. Location of the festival on Petrovaranin fortress thanks to the thick stone walls, ramparts and cobbled streets offers a truly dramatic settings and superb acoustics.

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