Brasil Carioca spirit

Brasil Carioca spirit

Brasil is one of the world’s the most beautiful place. It is South America’s giant with pristine rain forests, white sand beaches, amazing Amazon river, frozen-in-time colonial towns, dramatic landscapes of red rock canyons, idyllic tropical islands, thundering waterfalls, and lot more captivating places, and things to do.


When you mention Brasil first impression is Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro was never the capital of Brasil, but it is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere. It is called Cidade Maravilhosa - the marvelous city. Rio is combination of so many things, that there is no other place like this. His carioca spirit, spontaneous and good natured, make his people to live life the fullest.  Music is very important , it is the lifeblood of Rio. All over the town you can hear music, old-school bosa, rock, hip-hop, funk, but above all there’s samba. Samba is synonymous with  Rio, it is a rapid-fire style of music with African influences and infectious beat. During Carnival samba is integral sound at street parties and all night parades. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics Games.


Over the vibrant Rio de Janeiro is mountain Corcovado, it is situated in Tijuca Forest National Park. This mountain isn’t notable only for it’s natural beauty and prime position, but also because the globaly recognize statue called Christ The Redeemer is on the top of it. It  represents Jesus Christ standing over the city Rio de Janeiro with his arms outstretched. This statue is one of the primary tourist attraction. Tourists are transported via electrically-powered trains, this trip is beautifull and scenic, showcasting the forests and granite rocks of the mountain.The view for the top is awe inspiring.


The Amazon basin in simply the greatest bio-system on the world. It is marvel of the world and the imagination, unrivalled size and diversity of flora and fauna. The Amazon river is the second biggest river in the world. It pass through eight countries, and has more water that the next eight largest river combined. The river rises and falls an amazing 12 to 15 meters annually. The Amazon Rainforest and the enormous rivers are an important habitat to a plethora animal and plant species, it is home to hundreds of thousands of different species. The Amazon is major attraction for people all over the world. Tourists can chuging along the river on river-boats, or take long hikes, canoe trips to enjoy and learn about the forest and river.


The exquisite Iguassu Falls is a true wonder of nature and by many visitors the most beautifull waterfall in the world. It is situated right at the border of the countries of Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay. The panoramic view of the falls is the best from Brasilian side. They are strech in width for 2,7 kilometers, and height varies between 60 and 82 meters. A long chasm, that is 82 meters high, 150 meters wide and 700 meters long, is called Devil’s Throat, there large proportion of the water is thrust down. It has a distinguishing U-shape, also there are several islands within the river and the falls. You can see this amazing spectacle even from helicopter.


The largest wetland in the world is Pantanal. The Pantanal is very precious home to an array of plants an animal species. About 80 % of wetland are submerged during the wet season and the water can rise by up to five meters, making it an even more diverse and fascinating destination. This area is popular among the tourists who are interested in ecosystems of Pantanal, they can also going on horse riding, make photography, explore the wetlands on canoe or boat, going on walking trails, going to watch birds.


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