Montenegro - the best beach in Europe is Jazz Beach

The Riviera of Budva

The Riviera of Budva is called ‘’Riviera of sandy beaches’’ because of his 25 km long sandy coastline. Located in the hearth of Adriatic coast of Montenegro riviera of Budva will give to you unforgettable holiday.

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You will find there 35 beautiful sandy beach with rocky sea bed, clear and safe sea, lot of coves, cliffs, islands and reefs, make this varied relief a real treasure. It represents a natural heritage and they are under special protection. The mountain Lovcen in the hinterland of the Riviera of Budva protects it from cold north winds and provide mild Mediterranean climate.

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Budva is the center of the Riviera, this is one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic. ‘’Place to be seen’’ is Old Town in Budva. Narrow streets and alleys, little squares are just so beautifull. The Old Town has five entrance doors. At the night the harbour area is very popular.

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Lonely Planet’s said that the best beach in Europe is Jazz Beach. This is one of the three largest beach on Montenegrin coast. The beach is in the beginning pebbly, but it becomes sandy as the water gets deeper. This sand gives the water great turquoise shade. The bigger part of beach in the background is in the Mediterranean vegetation and greenery. There is also a campsite.

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Sveti Stefan is big attraction on Riviera of Budva. This former fishing village is situated on peninsula became a famous hotel-town. House fasades, walls, roofs, streets kept their original shape and look and the inside of them they are the most comfort hotel. Lot of the most famous people like to spend their holiday there.

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Close to Sveti Stefan, just 500 meters, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean the Queen’s beach. This is small beach just 200 m long with cypresses and olive trees in hinterland. It was the summer residence of king Alexander Karadjordjevic, and the favourite beach of his wife Queen Marija.

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Lucuce beach is one of the beach with untouched nature. It has a small bay shape, with sandy beach and seabed, surrounded with pine forest and cypress groves. It can be reach by foot or boats. There is not much noise so it is perfect place for family vacation.

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