At marvelous location, sitting between Mediterranean sea and mountains,  on the very north Spanish coast, Barcelona is one of the top tourist attraction. In 2014. it was the third the most visited city in Europe, and in the world 11th. It is most cosmopolitan and the most economically active city in this country.


Barcelona has a history among the oldest in Europe, with lot of monuments of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance period. But the most characteristic is what was built during the last 100 years. It has been a center of Modernist architecture. Barcelona is distinguished specially by the work of genial Antoni Gaudi, there are also his contemporaries Dali, Picasso,  Miro.

la catedral de barcelona.jpg
Catedral de Barcelona

museum National d art de catalanya.jpg
National Art Museum of Catalonia

Gorgeous beaches, especially in summer when the sun is at its brightest, will wait for you in top form. First of the Barcelona beaches is Barceloneta Beach, it has golden sand and it is just ten minutes from the city centr. On the Barceloneta Beach you can do plenty of things besides swim. You can go at windsurfing , kitesurfing or just enjoy a refresh drink in one of many beach huts. Even on beach you can’t be far away from some interesting architecture, on the beach you will find the leaning monuments called ‘’Homenatge a la Barceloneta’’.

La Barceloneta Beach.jpg
Barceloneta Beach

Homenatge a la Barceloneta

Sagrada Familia
Barcelona’s number one tourist attraction is the breathtaking Sagrada Familia. You just simply can not visit this city without seeing this fabulous unfinished church designed by Antoni Gaudi. This unusual construction is free to see from outside. The foundation stone was laid at 1882, the outside is still being built, only eight towers of the 18 spires are finished. To complete,Sagrada Familia church, plan is in the 2026  on 100th celebration of the Gaudi’s death.

sagrada familia.jpg

Park Guell
Park Guell bu Antoni Gaudi is something what you definite must to see. It is situated on Carmel hill. The original idea was by Eusebi Guell to create a stylish park for Barcelona aristocracy, but the plan didn’t work, from planed 60 houses only 3 was built. Only the part of infrastucture were designed by Gaudi, he made amazing stone structures, fascinating buildings and stunning tiling. On the entrance is the Gaudi Dragon fountain, walkaway is supported by twisting rocks pillars that seem to be growing from ground. At the top is terraced area from where you get a wonderful view on the Barcelona and park.When Count Eusebi Guell died the Guell family donated the land to the city and the park become the public park that we can enjoy today.

park guell.jpg




Casa Mia
In Barcelona are a handfull modernist buildings. One of them is one of  Gaudi’s famous buildings in Barcelona named ‘’Casa Mia’’ with nickname ‘’La Pedrera’’ (the stone quarry). It was constructed between 1906 and 1912 by Antoni Gaudi. For his artistic, uniqueness and heritage value in 1984 was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List. In terms of its structure it is an innovative work. In every corner of the house light is able to enter. The attic is a single open space without any internal walls or divisions, and featuring a series of 270 catenary arches.

casa mia.jpg

roof casa mia.jpg

Casa Batllo
The most emblematic work of brilliant Catalan architect is Casa Batllo built between 1904 and 1906. Gaudi replaced the original facade with a new composition of glass and stone. External walls were redesigned to a wavy shape and covered with a mosaic of fragments of ceramic discs and coloured glass. The roof is in a shape of an animals back with large iridescent scales. Moving through the house you will be suprised by the details which you can discover with every step. This is definite work of art, everything work together: space, design, light, shape and colour.


roof casa batllo.jpg

Barcelona has so much more to offer you, don’t wait, come and enjoy. You will never forget this wonderful city.

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