City break

City Break

There are many beautiful cities which will give to you great city break experience , whether you want for short or a little longer break. Summer is behind us for another year and we start to countdown to Christmas, autumn is excellent for visiting some cities. Change of scenery, getting away for a weekend is maybe just what you need.


You had to ask yourself what do you want? There are lot of options how to chose the city for nice weekend.



Maybe you are interested in history, you will find lot of beautiful cities in Europe, North Africa or Eastern Mediterranean cities which offers you both, modern and ancient history like Jerusalem and Beirut, . Cairo, Tunis, Alexandria are surrounded by ancient historical sites and they are really close to city center so you can easily reach them. The palaces and castles in Schotland and Germany will tell you their stories. Also, modern cities like New York and Boston have their fair share of history.

dvorac skotska.jpg
Edinburgh Castle



City break can be great for shopping. If you enjoy to spending money on shopping just choose what do you need. There are must-visit cities if you are fashionista, whether you are looking for designer labels or high-street trends. Classical  cities like Paris, Milano, London and New York are in the top cities for shopping clothes.  

city centra milan.jpg
City Centre Milano

Buying food

If you rather buying a food than clothing items, you will enjoy in endless tasting opportunities and local delicacies. You will find sweet treats in Madrid, great cheese in Barcelona and Jerez, Champagne and wine in Bordeaux, divine chocolate in Brussels, fantastic port wines in Porto, Italy is a  heaven for food, selling everything from tartufles to balsamic vinegars, ofcourse you must try famous pasta and pizza also.

chocolate brussels.jpg
Brussels chocolate

Cultural events

You can enjoy in lot of cultural events, large scale concerts, theatre performance, street theatre, museums, galeries or sport events. Today it is easy make online reservations for tickets. Las Vegas offers you a different type of experience, I am sure that you will be satisfied with shows which are entertain people all ages, throughout day or night.

opera budapest.jpg
Opera Budapest

las vegas.jpg
Las Vegas


City break with beach option - yes it is also posible. You can enjoy the beach alongside all the comforts of the major city in Marseille, Monaco or Biarritz. Don’t forget Spanish cities of Barcelona, Malaga, Palma, Bilbao or Palma where are the combination of the beach, history, shopping and culture. Dubai is also on the sandy beach and offers you everything what some modern city can offer.



Great view

Lot of cities are built in stunning surroundings with great views. On lake Ontario in Canada city Toronto has amazing view, or Vancouver which is ste on the waterfront and surrounded with snow-capped mountains. In Bergen, Norway, you can see beautiful fjords. Many Alpine cities like Geneva, Zurich, Basel or Salzburg are easy to reach and they have amazing mountain views. Visiting Tuscany, Florence, Pisa or Siena you will get great a combination of culture, history and beautifull scenery.


lake zurich.JPG
Lake Zurich

Christmas market

There is lot more great places which are worth to see, it is impossible mention them all. I am sure that noone can resist a good Christmas market where you can by presents for your loving ones. Sometimes when you are visiting some of those cities buy a good guide book which will help you to explore  that city.

Wienna chri.jpg
Wienna Christmas market

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