Mauritius - more beautiful beaches

Mauritius - more beautiful beaches

South Coast Beaches on Mauritius

The south coast is more rugged than the rest of island. The high sea cliffs and the big waves crushing against the rocks make wonderfully dramatic scenery. The coral reef breaks in this area so this is  why the big waves reach the way to the coast. The beaches are not recommended for swimming.


The St Felix beach is actually consisting two small separated beaches. The sand is white sugar type and the sea offers a mixtures of blue, from a darker blue to light tuquoise. Also there are lot of greenery and trees. Swimming and bathing is problematic because the ground of the lagoon is covered with corals, in these coral is possible to found some highly toxic stone fishes, and the current can be quite strong.


Down on peninsula in the southwestern corner of Mauritius, on the foot Le Morne mountain is The Le Morne beach. A particulary of this beach is very clear water with beautiful visibility, and white coral sand. Perfect wind conditions make it popular for windsurfing and kite surfers. Non-surfers can enjoy watching professional surfers.

la morna.jpg

Ilot Sancho is a small island reachable by walk from the beach Riviere des Gallet. You need to cross very shallow sea. The island is very small, and you can make a walk around and see a beautiful small forest. In the past Ilot Sancho was the place where the pirates buried their loot.

ilot sancho.jpg

West Coast Beaches on Mauritius

The west coast is maybe the best with his unbeatable beaches. You can enjoy in beautiful beaches and magnificent sunset. Blue turquoise lagoons are ideal destinations for surfers, because the wind and waves provide ideal conditions for surfing.   


Between the vilage of Albion and Tamarin is located The Flic en Flac beach . It is one of the longest beaches on Mauritius. You can take a great one hour walk along the beach. The beach has talcum-white sand and turqouise blue lagoon. It is entirely protected by the coral reef so it is great for swimming and bathing without strong currents. But you must be aware from corals and the sea urchins. It will be very painful if you step on sea urchins. The sunset is here beautiful which fill the sky with range of colors. The sight of the sun disappearing in the sea is remarkable.

The Tamarin beach is situated at the bay of Tamarin. The Black River comes from highlands cuts the beach in two parts, and make gogeous view over the river and the mountains range.The tamarin beach has yellowish sand and consist of soft sand mixed with little stones.  This beach has no coral reef to protect it, so you can see meter high waves dashing into the bay. In the shallow water is not dangerous to swim, surf and enjoy the waves. You should be aware of possible strong sea currents whish can pull you out into the deep sea.


In the small village La Preneuse is situated La Preneuse beach. This place is very interesting for snorkeling because one destroyed offshore coral reef starts growing again. The sea is safe for swimming. It is also good place for watching the sun set into the Indian Ocean. Watchtower is located in front of the public beach and some old cannons from the time when the pirates entered Mauritius. La Preneuse is good for watching dolphins, because they are frequently seen off the coast in large number.


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