Cuba cigar tourism

Cuba cigar tourism

Trip to Cuba without buying at least one Cuban cigar is not complete. The birthplace of premium cigars is Havana. This city is dotted with cigar factories.

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Walking on the streets of Havana I saw people smoking cigars while riding bicycles, men smoking while plays domino games even woman you can see how casually hang a fat cigar at their fingers. You can see their stained teeth while they smiling on you.

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You had to visit one of the Cuban cigar factories. In these factories lot of worker , man and womans, diligently rolling tabaco inside cut leaves, molding and pressing them, and puting each new cigar to a neat pile on the side of each desk. You can’t make photos in these factories.

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The most famous Cuban cigar brands are: Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo & Julieta, Punch and Robaina cigars. You can buy cigar on the street form men who are sales cigars, but be careful they can be fake.  

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The cigar, these luxurious product is designed purely for enjoyment, and it is so popular around the world , that there are some people who will visit Cuba specifically for cigar tourism.

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