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Pura Lempuyang Luhur is one of the most highly regarded and oldest temples on Bali. It is located on the hill Seraya, and it is not easy to reach it. You have to climb 1700 steps to reach the temple, some call it ‘’The Temple of 1000 steps’’. This temple complex consists seven temples.

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The best time to visit this temple is early in the morning, so you will be able to enjoy in beautiful sunrise coming up over the mountain and the sea, also you will enjoy the impressive architecture. It is mostly cloudy in the afternoon.
Don’t forget it is compulsory to wear sarong. Don’t use rude words, don’t say negative things like you are tired, don’t swear, it is tabu here, and if you are about to violate them you should not visit the temple.

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If you wish start your climb quicker you can hide motorcycle taxi, and they will take you up where asphalt ends , but still there are another 1500 steps to climb. For negotiable fee you can hire the guide , which will help you on your climbing.
Between 6 and 7th temple is area where lives a troupe of extremely aggressive monkeys. Maybe they look cute but be carefull, in the last six months there have been 40 bites of tourists. Don’t wear anything shine, like earring, necklace, bracelet, ring, even water bottles. So, shed your hat, put away your sunglasses, water bottles if you don’t want to fight for them with monkeys. There are security guys with air rifles to escort you to the top. Also carrying a big stick helps.

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But when you once reach the top, you will not regret all efforts, because these temples are really beautiful, your prize will be great view and a calming place of respite.  

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