Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is surrounded on the North by the Atlantic ocean and on the South by the Caribbean Sea. The capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. This tropical island has a hundreds of miles of coastline, some of them are the world’s top beaches with white sands shaded by rows of palm trees, some of them lined dramatically with rocky cliffs.


This country is known by  the warm and hospitable people, breathtaking nature,intriguing history and rich culture.You can enjoy in luxurious and diverse accommodations, enjoy in delicious Dominican gastronomy or in ecotourism adventures.

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Offical language in Dominican Republic is spanish, but in many hotels and tourist destination employees speak English, French, German and Italian. There are eight international airports, so it has never been easier to explore.

National Parks

In Dominican Republic are several magnificient National Parks . Parque Nacional Sierra Del Bahoruco is situated in southwestern corner of the country in high mountain, so if you want to visit it , you had to choose vehicle with four-wheel drive or off-road motocycle, but it is worth to visit.


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