Feel like an astronaut

When you think on travel to Gran Canaria first impressions are wonderful beaches and great sea, but on Gran Canaria  you can have a chance of feeling like an astronaut without leaving Earth.

vilage tejeda.jpg

There is a small town Tejeda, which is a home to a sea of clouds. It is situated in the centre of Gran Canaria , in the highest region on island. Tejeda sits in the slopes of a crater, and the mountain peaks encircle the huge basen Tejeda.

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This high peaks will attract serious walkers and climbers. Your trip will start on the road which begin on the beach, take you trough many small towns and finally reaches the sky, then the road keeps going up and up, leaving behind a trail of clouds and finally you reach Tejeda. There are the basalt monoliths, which are geological symbols of the island Grand Canaria. If you are interested in nature you must to see this. Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno this breathtaking view was described as ‘’the petrified storm’’.

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You will find lot of restaurants, bars, shops selling souvenirs and lot of local specialities at this popular sightseeing attraction. Childrens can ride donkey and you can buy great honey, local almond sweets Bienmesabe and marcipan.

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In the first two weeks of February Tejeda is the prettiest, then almond trees blooms, and then there is the Festival of Almond Trees in Bloom.

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