Mauritius - a slice of paradise

Mauritius - a slice of paradise

Mauritius, his name conjures up an image of tropical luxury. His is a sparkling crystal in turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, and you will be fascinate. This island is so charming because of the contrast of colours, tastes and cultures. Mauritius is loaded with historic sights and almost limitless activities, but perhaps the relaxed charm of its warm and welcoming people is its single biggest asset.


Port Louis is the administrative and business capital of Mauritus. It is the busiest port in Indian Ocean. Port Louis is surrounded by a mountain range, called the Port Louis Moka Range. In Port Louis you can feel like an kaledioskope of countries and cultures. Where ever you go you see flashes of India, Europa, Africa, China and the Middle East. You can see The Chinese Pagoda, Jummah Mosque, the Indian Tamil Temple and the stately English Saint James Cathedreal. The market is the most famous part of the city, a blend of Arab suk and Parisien ‘’halles’’.


Mauritus is a slice of paradise, formed for its saphire clean seawaters, powder-white sands and the turquoise blue lagoons.. It is also rich with lush forest, wild waterfalls, rocky mountains and unique wildlife. The coastline of  Mauritius is approximately 330km long. Big advantage of Mauritus is that the entire island is surrounded by coral reefs. This coral reefs have created big lagoons all around, and provide calm water conditions for swimming, snorkeling and bathing.


One of the most visited atractions in Mauritius is The Botanic Garden. It was opened as a private garden nearly 300 years ago, later to become the National botanic garden. It is located in the proximity of Port Louis and stretches over endless acres of land. The botanic garden is populated with more than 650 varietes of plants. One of the main atractions are 85 different varietes of palm trees, they are come in astonishing variety of shapes and forms. The centrepiece of the botanic garden is pond with wonderful giant Amazon Lilies. It is interesting that young leaves emerge as wrinkle balls and in a matter of hours unfold into the classic tea-tray shape up to 2m across. The abundant bird life is another highlight of botanic garden.


You can take an unforgettable walk through the Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park. This is home to various species of animals, plants and reptiles sets in a amazing rain forested valley with natural freshwater springs, full of fish and prawns. You can get a rare chance to feed, play and pet with them.

giante tortuoisepark.jpg

Mauritius is island of volcanic origin. In Curipipe is extinct volcano Trou aux cerfs, it is 605 m high, 300m in diameter and 85 m deep.A small lake is in the centre of the crater. From the crater you will have an amazing view of the town of Curipipe and the coastal plains.


A geological curiosity and a major tourist atraction in Mauritius is Chamarel park & Chamarel falls. The Chamarel park is called 7 colored earth, the lanscape is truly unique, you can find 7 colors of clay earth at one place. The colors of these unique dines are: brown, violet, yellow, blue, purple, green and red, red and purple predominant. Also there is a great view of the neightboring falls, and of the lush vegetation all around. The Waterfall of Chamarel is truly beautiful, three distinct stream plunging down nearly 100 meters into the gorge.



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